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Could Chiropractic Help You?

Your nervous system controls and regulates every cell of your body. When your nervous system doesn't work right, you don't work right. Nerve compromise can result from postural irregularities that are easily noticed with a few tests. We've simplified them so you can administer them at home. Naturally they do not take the place of a professional assessment.

A good place to begin is to look for postural changes that may be present in the head, neck and shoulders. Is one shoulder higher, head tilted or head and neck leaning forward? You can also check your neck's range of motion by turning head to the left as far as it will go, then to the right. If there is any unevenness, such as turning of head more to the right than left, a DNFT check-up is usually recommended.

Non-Invasive Treatment

Directional Non-Force Technique (D.N.F.T.) has been practiced, researched and proven for eight decades. Of all chiropractic techniques, D.N.F.T. is the least invasive and most specific in diagnosis and treatment.

This degree of specificity with the D.N.F.T. diagnosis is one reason why the joint and related areas heal so quickly. The thumb impulse used to realign the bone and its surrounding tendons and ligaments is the other highly specific element of this technique.

The gentleness of this technique is highly effective for athletes, children and elders alike. Patients notice that conditions not healed by physical therapy and/or other chiropractic techniques are often able to quickly heal with D.N.F.T. Please see testimonials.

Treatment Schedule

Your first visit will include a history, an exam, evaluation, diagnosis, and your DNFT treatment. Most conditions require 6-9 visits. Your condition may involve more or fewer. Request an appointment.

Why Patients Come to Dr. Owens' Office:


X-rays are typically not mandatory. When medically necessary, MRIs and x-rays are recommended. I will also refer you to other modalities such as physical therapy, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, lab work, or appropriate medical professional.