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Saturday by appointment, and emergency hours possible.

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About Dr. Lucia Owens

My family heritage includes medical doctors and I wasn't familiar with chiropractic, but in my early twenties I had noticeable pain in my upper right back and shoulder areas with painful muscle spasms down the right side of my spine. A friend referred me to a chiropractor, who adjusted my upper back, neck, and shoulder. Within seconds the pain in the shoulder area and back was gone, which caught my attention. He then explained how aligning a joint opens communication of the nervous system, thereby allowing medical homeostasis, pain relief and healing to happen. It gets rid of the problem, not just the symptoms.

At the time, I was already a scientist, and my grateful experience with chiropractic care highly impressed and inspired me. After a time I decided to share chiropractic with others as my new meaningful vocation.

A year later, I was enrolled at Life Chiropractic College West (L.C.C.W.) of Hayward, California. Four years later, 1995, I graduated Cum Laude. A non force chiropractic technique was the first technique which I experienced at L.C.C.W. and I was impressed with its specific diagnosis and quick pain relief. I was licensed in the state of California and have been practicing in the East Bay since 1995. The positive outcomes keep on happening.